Bookmakers reveal early odds for US Democrats’ 2020 election candidate – Zuckerberg in the race

  • Bookmakers open wagers on likely Democratic selection
  • First female president? Warren, Harris and Clinton lead race

The dust has barely settled on the last US Presidential Election, but talk is already turning to the 2020 campaign as Democratic Party supporters scramble to find the right candidate to challenge President Trump – who has already confirmed he intends to stand for the Republicans again when his current term expires.

Mark Zuckerberg is a long shot compared to a seasoned political pro like California senator Kamala Harris
Mark Zuckerberg is a long shot compared to a seasoned political pro like California senator Kamala Harris

Bookmakers are getting in on the debate, with early odds on the candidate selection already available at some betting outlets.

Kamala Harris and Elizabeth Warren are the current favorites, suggesting the US could get its first female president in less than three years: though neither has announced an intention to stand.

Michelle Obama, Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden have also been hotly tipped as early victors in the nominations – and possible future presidents.

Political bettors and bookies are also thinking outside the box, after businessman and reality TV star Donald Trump beat seasoned politician Hillary Clinton last year.

Celebrities such as Oprah Winfrey, Mark Zuckerberg and even The Rock have been linked with the 2020 campaign, leading to some very speculative bets on extremely long odds.

Warren and Harris emerge as favorites

Many have suggested that Elizabeth Warren could be the next President, and she would certainly have a chance at securing nominations from her party if she did choose to stand.

The Massachusetts Senator is seeking reelection next year and told reporters recently that she was not thinking about the 2020 campaign, but about the battles she fights today. While not officially ruled out of the campaign, she seems hesitant to put herself forward. Despite this, Betfair has priced her at 6-1 for securing the nomination and 12-1 for a 2020 victory.

Speculation is mounting around Californian Senator Kamala Harris, who has fiercely opposed White House policies and has widespread support in her home state.

She has not rejected the suggestion that she stand in 2020, and is listed online as a “speculative” candidate at this stage. Betfair has a price of 9-2 for Harris, and Ladbrokes and Coral are offering 8-1 each on her nomination.

Female president could be on the cards

Though Hillary Clinton was unsuccessful in 2016 and proved unpopular even with her own party, she is still being hailed as a likely candidate for 2020 – along with her daughter Chelsea.

Neither has expressed any desire to stand and Hillary has publicly refuted claims she will mount a future presidential campaign.

Despite this, she is priced at 16-1 through most outlets, and both mother and daughter are likely to attract a few bets.

Along with Warren, Clinton and Harris, a number of women from the political and entertainment industries have emerged as possible candidates. Some have suggested Michelle Obama could enter the race herself, following in her husband’s footsteps, while politicians Amy Klobuchar, Tammy Duckworth and Kirsten Gillibrand are being given reasonable odds of around 30-1 on average.

The next president’s gender will be subject to much speculation before and during the campaign – your local bookmaker may even offer a price on whether the next president will indeed be a woman.

Celebrities called on to stand against Trump

If the star of The Apprentice can become President of the United States, then anything can happen at election time.

While the bookmakers are playing it safe and picking seasoned politicians as their safest bets, names such as Mark Zuckerberg, Oprah Winfrey and Dwayne Johnson are cropping up in the candidate debates.

George Clooney has been linked with a 2020 bid, as has Apple’s Tim Cook.

The comedian Stephen Colbert and activist Tom Steyer could also stand. Between now and 2020, expect some unusual figures to throw their hat into the ring – which is sure to spice up the betting action.

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