You will be shaken and stirred by these 7 James Bond casino scenes

Dicing with death and throwing the dice is synonymous for one of cinema’s best loved characters, James Bond.

Just like his near-death escapes, his gambling prowess is down to both skill and luck. Beating the baddies at their own game has created many hours of enjoyment for cinemagoers around the world.

So here is our pick of the best Bond film casino scenes:

7. Dr. No


The legendary line, ‘Bond, James Bond’ was first spoken by Sean Connery in this the inaugural Bond movie.

While playing chemin-de-fer at the casino table, the smooth operator introduces himself to the beautiful, first Bond girl, Sylvia Trench.

For the female audiences it wasn’t just the martinis that were stirred!

6. On Her Majesty’s Secret Service


The Australian actor George Lazenby famously only ever played the role of Bond once. At 29, he was also the youngest actor to ever secure the role.

Nonetheless, he did not lose out on the chance to appear in a casino scene. In the film, he meets Contessa Teresa di Vincenzo at the roulette tables.

Made in 1969, the scene was filmed at the Casino Estoril in Portugal.

5. Thunderball


Every gambler worth his salt knows how tense a high-stakes game can be and this was used to great effect in this movie.

Master of the poker faces, actor Sean Connery, brilliantly stares down arch villain Emilio Largo played by Adolfo Celi, when they go head to head in a card game.

You’d of thought wearing an eye-patch might have given Celi’s character the edge? However, we all know who’s holding the trump card.

4. Diamonds Are Forever


When it comes to wooing women, nobody does it better than Bond.

In his favourite lair of a Las Vegas casino floor, Bond impresses the ladies while showing off his skills at the craps table.

The one he has his eye on is Plenty O’Toole, or is it the other way around? Nonetheless, he walks away not only with a plenty of cash – $65,000 to be precise – and Plenty on his arm. Hats off to this smooth operator.

3. Goldeneye


This 1995 film is also Pierce Brosnan’s first outing as Bond and is responsible for reviving the casino scene which had been put on the back burner for a few of its predecessors.

Love and rivalry run as deep as Brighton rock in Bond movies and this casino scene stealer is no exception.

Here Bond defeats Russian agent Xenia Onatopp as audiences are enraptured by the sexual tension and energy exuding from these arch enemies.

If you like it hot and steamy, this casino scene is the one to watch.

2. Skyfall


What makes the casino scene outstanding in this 2012 movie is not so much the card playing prowess of Bond but the stunning location scenery.

The out-of-this-world, real-life Floating Dragon Casino in Macau was used to shoot scenes where we see Bond in a game of Sic Bo.

Forever captured on reel are the amazing giant dragons, hundreds of floating lanterns in the fantasy world this casino cleverly creates.

1. Casino Royale


It’s all in the name. The main plot of this film cashes in on Bond’s love of gambling.

As the main theme of the movie, the suspense is overwhelming as Bond takes on the villain Le Chiffre in a game of Texas Holdem.

Daniel Craig proves he is a cool cucumber and worthy of the title role in what become one of best-ever Bond movies.

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