Blockchain casino game terminals have arrived, but will they take off?

  • The SmartBox by SmartPlay is designed for Ethereum betting
  • Are unlimited bonuses and provably fair wagering just too good to be true?

SmartPlay has announced the launch of the world’s first blockchain gambling terminal, powered by Ethereum smart-contracts.

The SmartPlay SmartBox is dubbed the world's first Ethereum-based crypto gambling machine for land-based environments.
The SmartPlay SmartBox is dubbed the world’s first Ethereum-based crypto gambling machine for land-based environments.

The SmartBox is staking its reputation on a new form of standalone betting terminals which promise unlimited bonuses and ‘provably fair’ gambling.

Dawn of crypto gambling

Cryptocurrency gambling has already been with us for quite some time now, with the Bitcoin gambling site SatoshiDice launching as far back as 2012.

In the five years since, the adoption of cryptocurrency gambling has steadily grown with a number of online casinos offering both fiat and crypto payment options., Ignition and BoVegas are amongst the casinos currently giving customers the choice between old and new money.

The adoption of these currencies online has left a glaring hole in the market as land-based casinos have remained tied to more traditional payment methods.

Smartbox is designed to plug the gap with talks in progress to bring the machines into casinos around the world. The success of any such move will, as always, depend upon whether the machines prove to be popular with players and profitable for casino operators.

Provably fair

As an Ethereum powered betting terminal, SmartBox will have certain advantages over existing machines. Most importantly, players will be able to examine the inner workings of each bet.

Metaphorically speaking this will allow punters to lift the hood and examine the engine to make sure everything is working exactly as it should be.

For any gambler who has ever wondered how a roulette spin can land on the same number three times in a row this is a more than welcome feature.

That is what many crypto entrepreneurs continually push – the fact that the games can not be tampered with. However, well regulated jurisdictions offer perfectly safe and fair casino games.

Early adopters

Since Ethereum has a huge number of Russian investors, it is probable that first adopters may be in the Russian sphere of influence. How this might affect the success of the SmartBox or the willingness of British and US casinos to take on the machine is as yet unknown.

SmartPlay still has some way to go in explaining exactly how their promise of unlimited bonuses will work in practice, but if all the hurdles can be cleared, the face of the casino floor could be changed forever.

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