Winning big with Bitcoin: Player’s $274,000 casino jackpot

  • Key Bitcoin online casino makes huge payout
  • Anonymous player placed bet equivalent to $12

An anonymous Bitcoin Video Casino gambler has been given a payout of 259.74 bitcoins, an astonishing win at the casino dedicated solely to the cryptocurrency. Known only as “#28ea0d38e1”, at the time of his win his prize was worth 259,399 euros ($274,594), an enormous feat given the original bet of 0.1 BTC (about $12). The player was playing a Bitcoin Video Casino slots game when they achieved their win.

Bitcoin casinos are turning heads with big payouts

Bitcoin casino jackpots turn heads

The Bitcoin Video Casino boasts a return to player rate of 99.5%, and a claims to a have a ‘provably fair’ method of hosting the games. The success of this particular player may not be the last for gamblers wanting to dabble with the electronic currency. Prior to this win, in May 2014, a mind-blowing payout of 765.65 bitcoins was given to one lucky gambler who placed a bet of just 0.2 BTC. That is equivalent to $918,760.

Big payouts since 2012

Bitcoin Video Casino has been known for its cryptocurrency gambling for the past five years, having seen great success within the Bitcoin world. This most recent historical win is yet another addition to the tens of thousands of Bitcoin payouts given to a multitude of players. A house edge of only 0.5% – or depending on the game, even less – is aimed at giving players more regular success as well as the potential to scoop big wins.

Bitcoin Video Casino has a variety of games on offer, including the aforementioned slots, roulette, and keno, all of which accept minor Bitcoin bets for gamblers with the hope of becoming the next big winner. As registration isn’t required, players like #28ea0d38e1 get an instant payout with full anonymity.

For those wanting to view more winners from Bitcoin Video Casino, the rather retro-looking website has a ‘Big Wins’ section.

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