Bitcoin Cash Aimed at Finding Solutions claims Kenneth Haugaard

The use of cryptocurrencies is now normal for a lot of companies in the gambling industry and that includes Bitcoin Cash. Operators are constantly switching to cryptocurrencies because of the fast and transparent transactions, as well as the low fees.

Nevertheless, choosing the right cryptocurrency in such a competitive market can be very challenging. There are more than 1,000 cryptocurrencies out there and more are coming out all the time. The advantage falls on Ethereum but several security issues come with it like accidental kill commands, IoT malware, and vulnerable smart contracts.

Bitcoin Cash, on the other hand, is the world’s only functional cryptocurrency as it is the only true bitcoin out there. According to Kenneth Haugaard of Ayre UK Media, Bitcoin Cash is rising in popularity because of the low fees that come with it. Since that’s the most important thing for all gambling operators, they are quickly choosing it over other cryptocurrencies. On top of that, Bitcoin Cash is the best when it comes to scaling the block size which ensures that the fees remain low. Coupled with instant transactions BC is exactly what the gaming industry is all about, claimed Haugaard.

He also noted that people don’t really know everything that Bitcoin Cash is capable of. The reason for their success is because they can solve all the problems that cryptocurrencies are struggling with at the moment. Last but not least, Haugaard said that the website www. is a great place for finding more information about Bitcoin Cash.

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