Which are the biggest selling Vegas shows of all time?

Who are the biggest casino acts who have graced the stages of Las Vegas?

Betway Casino has pulled together its list of the top grossing musicians and other performers the Sin City resorts have ever seen.

Perhaps the most famous Vegas residency came from Elvis’ iconic jumpsuit-era performances, which in many ways defined a big chunk of his career.

But more recent residencies from the likes of Celine Dion, Britney Spears and Elton John show that these big shows can still fill concert halls.

Here’s the biggest grossing Vegas residencies of all time.

Pulling power of magicians

Biggest casino acts in Las Vegas

The biggest act isn’t even a musician. Illusionist David Copperfield’s Vegas run at the MGM Grand is almost at $1 billion in revenue already, sitting at $850,000,000.

And it’s magicians that again take the second spot, with Siegfried and Roy’s Mirage shows pulling in $580,000,000 in their history.

Consider that a career ending tiger attack on stage at the Mirage in 2003 ended Roy’s career, it is open to guesswork as to how much this show could have eventually been worth.

Between the two acts, they knocked out an astonishing 16,000 shows in a combined 31 years of residency.

Siegfried and Roy are legends of the Vegas stage.
Siegfried and Roy are legends of the Vegas stage.

Musicians still big business

Elvis and Celine Dion are level pegging in terms of revenue from their respective shows, at $229 million.

Celine does have the edge in revenue per show however, at $550,000, with Elvis at $339,000. Although, it would be quite a different story if the figure was adjusted for inflation.

Elvis’ shows ran between 1969 and 1976 and in that time he strutted his stuff 636 times on the stage and made a lot of money, both for himself and the International Hotel, which later changed its name. It is currently called Westgate.

Elvis in his Vegas get-up is an iconic image of the city, and any visit to Sin City isn’t complete without seeing at least impersonator of The King ripping out the opening bars to Blue Suede Shoes.

But if Elvis was The King then Celine is the Queen, having pulled in her revenue over fewer shows at The Colosseum at Caesars Palace at 418. And at just 49 who’s to say how much longer she could continue to pull in the paying customers.

Celine’s shows also pull in more revenue per show than any other performer.

But hot on the Canadian’s heels is Britney Spears, who is pulling in $532,000 per show, over 249 shows, which have amassed revenues of $132 million.

Britney Spears has ended an historic Vegas residency.
Britney Spears has ended an historic Vegas residency.

Elton John, who this week announced he would not be touring any more and would relocated to England, has also pulled in a healthy amount of cash for the Planet Hollywood Casino. His residencies of 207 shows in total have pulled in revenues of $83 million

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