BGO Paris Hilton is back!

Guess who is back at bgo?


Hint: she is the beautiful and fabulous international sensation who once rocked the bgo world with tons of fun. With her last stunt that sent the whole online casino world into a frenzy, she sure is bringing more free spins, fantastic promotions, and exciting offers. By now, you should already have an idea of who I am talking about. She is the boss lady herself; the beautiful blonde bombshell called Paris Hilton.

Paris Hilton has a reputation as New York’s Resident ‘It Girl’ was earned by her showbiz lifestyle. She also spends her days as a world-class DJ, bringing life to sophisticated parties in places like Marbella, Saint-Tropez, and even Ibiza. Additionally, she is a model, heiress, reality star, and socialite. Away from the fun life, Paris is also a powerful businesswoman with a very strong name in the entertainment world. What makes her the perfect fit for this exciting gig is her enjoyment of playing slots in her leisure time. Away from all the introduction, let us see what Paris brings to the table with her reappearance at bgo. Here are some of her top picks when she enters her slot frenzy:

Paris Hilton Hotline

This being one of Paris’ favourite games is not at all shocking. She gravitates towards a glamorous lifestyle with a love of fast cars and attending trendy clubs, and since Hotline involves all of these features, Paris cannot pass this up. The game has bonus bet which allows the player to activate hotlines on reels and have a shot at winning fabulous prizes with Free Spins as well as Expanding Wilds. Hotline sure is very compelling for the blonde goddess.

Paris Hilton Mega Fortune

As the name suggests, this slot awards players with a mouth-watering seven-figure cash prize. Well, we do not expect a wealthy heiress who is used to living in splendour to ignore this opportunity. The slot game has all the staples of the Paris Hilton lifestyle, which includes luxurious jets, limousines, designer watches, speedboats, and even her bottles of champagne. All these make her fall right into her comfort zone.

Paris cemented her name as one of bgo’s most memorable brand ambassadors, alongside late Verne “Mini-Me” Troyer, who died in April 2018 at the age of 49. Paris Hilton is back to replace Mini-Me and give her all to the casino once again. Instead of signing sports legends like other gambling services, the folks at bgo are smart enough to use Paris Hilton’s party-girl influence to attract more young customers and also welcome them with new Paris-inspired promotions. It can’t get more exciting than this!

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