Betting and online casinos have the data they need to stop problem gambling, says charity

  • New research shows that problem gamblers bet between 5 and 90 times per day
  • Problem gamblers are more likely to place bets between midnight and 4am

A new report has shown that online casino and betting companies could use data they already hold on customers in order to identify those who are problem gamblers or who are at risk of developing a gambling problem.

GambleAware’s to help the online casino industry

The report, which was carried out by PwC and commissioned by GambleAware, took data from four UK-facing betting companies and analysed it using a globally-recognized assessment tool designed to identify and analyse problem gambling.

The report, which included data from over 10,000 people, found the key indicators of problem gambling.

According to the report, problem gamblers typically bet between five and 90 times a day, compared to non-problem gamblers who bet two to seven times daily.

On average, problem gamblers stake £98 ($127) a day when they bet, whereas the average for non-problem gamblers is £14 ($18).

Problem gamblers are also more likely to bet between midnight and 4am, make more deposits and suffer higher variation in the amount won and lost than non-problem gamblers.


The report also identified the demographics markers such as age, employment status, gender and marital status that are associated with problem gambling, and found that the available information on problem gambling could be used to flag up which customers could be at risk of problem gambling.

This could be done at the stage when a new customer is setting up an account, but more accurate risk scores could be provided after just one week’s betting, with greater accuracy obtained after three to six months of activity, enabling the company to make targeted interventions aimed at preventing problem gambling.

According to PwC Partner, David Trunkfield, the information available to modern betting companies made such interventions practical:

“Gambling organisations are sitting on a data mine of customer play habits, which if used responsibly and combined with the latest behavioural analytics techniques, can be used to help keep customers safe.”

The release comes after the news that gambling giant 888 failed to stop self excluded gamblers from accessing its gambling services for more than a year, attracting a £7.8 million ($10 million) penalty from regulator the UK Gambling Commission.

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