Here is why baccarat is a really easy game to play after all

  • Reportedly, nearly 91% of Macau casino income was from the game Baccarat in 2014
  • Find out the basic rules of the game and the best tips on how to play to win with our guide
  • Baccarat is one of the easiest card games to get to grips with whether playing in a land-based casino or online.

    The simplicity of the game has proven popular and it was reported that in 2014, nearly 91% of Macau casino income was thanks to the most popular variant of baccarat ‘Punto Banco’.

    Because of this, we thought it important to share some hints and tips with you to help you maximise your chances of coming out a winner when hitting the baccarat table.

    The Rules

    James Bond
    Once you know the rules, you will be playing like James Bond in no time,

    Apologies if you are au fait with the rules of baccarat however, for anyone reading who has not played the game before, then let us run quickly run through the rules for you (please note these rules are for the most popular version of the game Punto Banco).

    Baccarat is often termed as a comparing card game which is played between the banker and the player hands.

    Each game hand has three possible outcomes: Banker, Player or Tie (but this is often long odds) with the aim of betting on highest combined value to win.

    However, the card values make for intriguing play as opposed to just adding up the total card value as the dealt cards have a certain point or value.

    • Tens and face cards (jacks, queens and kings) have zero value
    • Aces are treated as one
    • Cards from 2 to 9 are worth their face value in terms of points
    • No jokers are used in the game

    The final points of the hands are calculated using the rightmost digit of the sum of the dealt cards.

    This means if you’re dealt a 2 and 4, your hand is worth 2+4 = 6 points. However, a hand consisting of 7 and 8 cards would be equal to 5 points (7+8 = 15) as the rightmost digit of the sum total of 15 with the highest score between the banker or player deemed the winner.

    A third card can also be played if neither the banker or player has a total of either eight or nine which makes the chance for a tie a rare occurrence.

    Back the Banker

    The rules of baccarat make backing the banker the smart way to go especially as you begin to find your feet.

    The reason for this? Simply because the banker will win slightly over 50% of the time and although at most casino tables and online there is a house commission of around 5% on banker bets that win, backing the banker is still a smart way to go especially if you are a novice in the game.

    Avoid the tie bet

    Here is why you should avoid the tie bet when playing

    Much like betting on red or black on a roulette wheel, the odds for backing the banker or player is 1/1 with a slight commission on the banker bet always giving the edge to the casino.

    However, there is the tie bet with far longer odds. But take this and the general expectation is that you will lose 14.4% of the time.

    In short, that means you will lose 14.4 units for every 100 units wagered which you need us to tell you is pretty going.

    Again, to put that into context, the stats say that the banker percentage is about 1.06% and the player bet roughly 1.24%.
    Back the tie and expect to leave empty handed.

    Watch for a banker streak

    As mentioned above, when you are starting out the best thing to do is back the banker, but as you become more advance and confident with the game, then you can start looking for value and spreading yourself over player and banker bets.

    However, in order to do this, you need to know when to bet on each side.

    The general rule is the trend is your friend so bet with the banker until it loses, when that happens take your time and sit out of the hand and watch what happens next.

    If the banker wins the next hand then resume your betting with the banker, however, if the player wins back the banker. If the banker wins the very next hand though, go back to betting on the banker.

    There is no guarantee a streak will go on or even occur but this is a sensible way to vary your betting and increase your opportunity of winning. Win or lose you stand a better chance of enjoying baccarat when you are playing at the right online casino, we recommend Genting Casino for those looking to play at an online casino.

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