Sun, sea and gaming: Bermuda could open its first casino by 2018

  • First casino set to open in early 2018
  • New venue to create local jobs and boost hospitality and tourism trade

There are no triangles planned for construction in Bermuda in the near future, but there could very well be a few round tables. According to the Bermuda Casino Gaming Commission, the island could have its first casino in place by early 2018 after new casino gaming legislation was approved in the Senate.

Bermuda casino
Bermuda is set for a casino in 2018

As well as bringing entertainment to the paradise island, the casino would create new jobs, according to Richard Schuetz, executive director of the commission. Mr Schuetz also stated that a strategic gaming plan was in development, including training programmes for potential new staff.

Calling on for US skills

The country has sought advice from US officials with knowledge of the gaming industry, calling on the experience of Ann Anderson, a US-based human resource expert and consultant that has a history of opening casinos. Ms Anderson spoke with several organisations, including The Department of Workforce Development, Department of Education, Bermuda College and the Bermuda Hospitality Institute to educate them on the integral role they will play in training local workers for the new gaming sector.

Commenting on the potential job opportunities for Bermudans, Ms Anderson said: “One of the things residents of the island have commented on is that within the hospitality industry there seems to be a lot of dead ends. You can get promoted once or twice but then you plateau because there aren’t as many career avenues. Gaming will introduce many different types of jobs that will have new types of career paths for young people or those interested in making a career transition.”

Mr Schuetz further commented, saying: “I asked Ann to come on board because she has more than 20 years’ experience in the human resource sector. We started collaborating in 1991 and together opened seven casinos in a four-and-a-half-year period and Ann headed up those training efforts to get new staff ready and operating at the highest possible calibre.

With plans seemingly in the final stages of approval, it’s exciting times for the tourism and hospitality sector in what is an already sought-after island.

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