Beginner’s bad luck? Three casino games you should think twice about

  • There’s plenty of choice in the casino, but there are some games it pays to think twice about
  • Here’s our pick of three games that ay be better left to the more seasoned players

Walk through the door of a casino, or sign in to whichever online casino you like to spend your time at and you’re met with a dizzying array of games to play.

Now, choice is good. And, with pretty much every game looking as exciting as the next and buzzing with potential, it’s easy – and tempting –
to dabble, trying out new games as you attempt to find the one or two that really suit your playing style.

casino games to avoid three
Don’t waste your time choosing which casino game to play, here’s three that you should think carefully about

Of course, there are the classics that we all know and love. Roulette, blackjack and baccarat are the staples of any casino, whether that’s in a bricks and mortar environment or online. What’s more, most of us know where we stand with these games (they’re popular and long-lasting for a reason).

But what about trying something different? Other games may look fun, and watching others win is an easy way to convince yourself that this is the game for you. However, the reality is that there are some games that shouldn’t be jumped straight into, and others that should only really be played by experienced players who know exactly what they’re doing.


You’ll have heard of keno – probably. But how much do you know about it? For starters, it’s the game that probably sees you giving away the biggest edge percentage to the house, at around 20 to 30%. That’s quite a lot, and definitely worth considering.

keno games
Play Keno and you’d better be prepared for a pretty big house edge

Basically, for every £100 you play, you’re going to be giving up that percentage to the house. Now, those are not good numbers in anybody’s book. Of course, the flip side is that you can win big. But, with those numbers as a starting average, it might be best to walk away from the table before you do something silly. Or at least do your homework first…

Double zero roulette

There are two types of roulette, American and European. Double zero is the alternative name given to American roulette as the wheel features a double zero section which increases the house edge to around 5.2%.

Roulette Casino avoid
When it comes to roulette, you’d be wise to put the American version of the game to the back of the queue

Ok, so this might be nothing compared to keno, but consider that European roulette features only a single zero section, which reduces the house edge to just 2.7%. So by playing this version rather than double zero you’ve immediately improved your chances of winning by 2.7%. And seeing as most online casinos will offer both versions, it’s pretty clear what you have to do.

The big wheel

A game known by many names, the big wheel is usually placed near the front door of casinos, enticing players with its visual impact and apparent ease of winning.

Big Wheel casino
The Big Wheel: it sure looks attractive but, hang on, you’re here for more important things…

It’s a nice way to start the night with a £20 bet, punters think. Wrong. The wheel is front and centre for a reason – because you get terrible odds. In fact, the edge you’re giving away to the casino is usually between 11 and 24% depending on the house odds. That means you’ll be losing between 11 and 24% on every £100 you bet. Stay away. Stay very far away from those kind of odds.

Ultimately, what game you choose is as much about personal preference as it is anything else, and these games shouldn’t be crossed off your list indefinitely. Playing at the casino is about fun as much as it is about winning so if you enjoy something, why not?

But having a punt is also about winning. That’s why having a clear understanding of your chances of winning and how the odds might be stacked up against you is important, particularly if you’re a newbie.

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