Three reasons why you Need to try Baccarat

  • The casino card game everywhere, but why should you give it a go?
  • It’s a great game for those who like it fast, pure and simple

It may be a soundalike of the surname of one of modern history’s most famous composers, but baccarat is also an immensely popular table game that has stood the test of time.

Its origins are disputed, but it may have first made an appearance around the 19th or even 15th century.

There are many variations and it was once even at the centre of a furore known as the Royal Baccarat Scandal: in September 1890 a house party (not the kind you might be imagining through a contemporary lens) saw some baccarat based cheating that led to a high profile court case, with evidence brought by the future King of England at that time.

Attracting a great deal of attention, two books have been written about the ensuing drama.

Incidental facts aside, this is a casino game with a lot going for it. If you’ve not yet dipped a toe into the baccarat waters, here are three reasons why you should.

1. It’s Bond’s game of choice

James Bond
Once you know the rules, you will be playing like James Bond in no time.

Ok, we know that James Bond isn’t an actual real human, but as fictional characters go, he’s pretty legendary and a well-known gambler in literature and on the big screen.

Nothing says casino glamour like 007 dressed to the nines, surrounded by beautiful ladies and holding a martini (shaken, not stirred, naturally).

Well, baccarat is the game favoured by the secret agent created by Ian Fleming.

It features in the movies: Dr No, Thunderball, On Her Majesty’s Secret Service and For Your Eyes Only and Goldeneye and in the book Casino Royale.

While this might not be the most practical or logical reason to play the game, it’s a darn cool one. So make like a spy and get stuck in.

2. It’s all about lady luck

Baccarat is less about skill and more about luck
Baccarat is less about skill and more about luck

This game is far less about skill and more about luck than others.

While this might put some gamblers off, it’s an absolute boon if you don’t want to spend endless hours developing technique and understanding nuances before playing.

In this respect it’s a definite gambling game so for those who are purists (and those who are just plain lazy), this hits the spot.

More pertinently it’s also ideal for those who believe in a sense of fate and luck, so is therefore particularly popular in China and across Asia, where these ideals are held much more strongly than in the west where there’s more of an emphasis upon making your own.

The Chinese New Year often sees a peak in baccarat play.

3. It’s got a low house edge

Baccarat has got a low house edge
Baccarat has got a low house edge

This fast and simple game has another major pro – its house edge.

The house edge is a term used to describe the mathematical advantage the casino has over the player over time.

If you bet on the player the house edge here equates to 1.2% and betting on the banker 1%.

Betting a tie or pair takes that up considerably to around 14%, but considering the basics, its numbers are good (games such as Keno can be anywhere from 20-40% house edge) and is one of the reasons it’s so popular and ubiquitous.

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