Atlantic City rolls the dice on first ever electronic craps innovation

  • Interblock develops first-ever electronic craps tables
  • Tables are available exclusively at Wild Wild West in Atlantic City

Electronic roulette tables have been around for quite some time, but now players in Atlantic City can try their luck with the first-ever electronic craps table.

Atlantic City Electronic Craps
Electronic craps comes to Atlantic City, hoping to offer as near a ‘real’ experience as possible. Picture: Thinkstock

Created by the company called Interblock, electronic craps is available exclusively at Bally’s Wild Wild West. The electronic table can accommodate up to eight players at the same time. The game mechanics are similar to that of a slot or other electronic games. Prior to any betting, players need to load the machine using bills or casino tickets. Next, they select the desired denomination, and the fun can begin.

All actions are performed using the touch screen technology, making the gameplay simple and quick. For those not familiar with the game, there is a help screen where players can find all the necessary information to get started.

Bidding to match the real craps experience

Often, players aren’t too thrilled to play classic casino games on electronic devices due to cheating concerns and lacking the feel of the real tables. Interblock tried their best to design their craps tables, so they offer a lifelike experience similar to the one at a real craps table.

Once all the bets have been placed, two dice situated under the glass dome will begin to shake, and the roll will ensue. Once the roll completes, values on the dice are read using the RFID technology, and players are paid accordingly.

The RFID (radio-frequency identification) technology has been growingly popular with the casinos, as it opens doors to many new and exciting possibilities. One area where RFID has been used extensively is poker, where the technology has made it possible to “read” players’ hole cards and display them for the audiences during live coverage without requiring any efforts from the players.

Electronic craps tables may not substitute the real thing, but casinos are putting their faith in them being an acceptable replacement. These tables could also find their place in the casinos that don’t feature live craps games as an easy way to improve their gaming offer.

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