Artificial intelligence to be used to combat problem gambling

AI efforts to identify problem gambling

  • AI could highlight warning signs of problem gambling to aid early intervention
  • Artificial intelligence promoted but ‘structural flaw’ acknowledged without multi-operator partnerships

The use of artificial intelligence looks to detect the early warning signs of problem gambling will be stepped up, despite innovators admitting problems with the idea.

Will Mace, Head of Kindred Futures
Will Mace, Head of Kindred Futures

Will Mace (pictured), the head of Kindred Futures, co-hosted a major artificial intelligence discussion group and believes that AI can complement the group’s Player Safety Early Detection System (PS-EDS).

He did admit, however, that single operators attempting to go down this detection route could face a ‘structural flaw’.

’Significant potential’ of AI

Technology pioneers, leading academics and addiction psychologists joined Mace and a team of experts on responsible casino gaming from Kindred to discuss the ‘significant potential’ of AI to compile and analyze a wide range of data sources and improve efforts to identify early signs of developing gambling issues.

Mace explained to that, as a complex problem, a gambling issue could manifest itself ‘in many ways’.

Psychologists have already identified an array of indicators pointing to problem gambling and a vast number of indicator combinations, making it difficult to analyze the quantity of data effectively.

Assistance for analysts

Mace believes that AI can be used to ‘significantly’ assist analysts in detecting indicator combinations and identifying developing problems.

He added that appropriate intervention and responses would be more effective if potential problems could be identified as early as possible.

Mace told that the advancements in AI in recent years provided building blocks which could be used by the industry to ‘tackle’ what can sometimes be a ‘devastating problem’.

Co-operation necessary

Participants in the roundtable discussion held in London also talked about indicators highlighted by past research looking at responsible gambling.

These included the amount of money a player stakes, the amount they play for and how they choose to deposit their money.

Mace said that these kinds of behaviors could be tracked by AI but admitted that problems could be masked by players using more than one operator.

Could this open the door for a cooperative partnership between operators to implement AI in an effort to detect problem gambling?

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