Argentinian online betting regulation ‘could violate constitution’, warns ALEA

  • Talks continue over Latin America’s online gaming market
  • Reports suggest a federal regulator could be established

Discussions over the legalization of online casinos and gambling in Latin America have been progressing of late, with Argentina among those nations who are starting to put the groundwork in.

Reports broke this week suggesting that the South American nation plans to establish a federal regulatory body who will have sole jurisdiction over online casinos and betting – the strongest sign yet that laws could soon be modernized and reformed.

argentina online caisno legalization
Argentine President, Mauricio Macri has hinted at the possibility of a new federal regulator tasked with legalizing online casino betting

However, there is opposition to the proposals as they stand, with regulatory groups speaking out against a potential breach of Argentinian national laws.

Lottery group speaks out over ‘unconstitutional’ federal input

ALEA, the lottery association for Argentina, has warned that any federal regulation of services would “risk violating the country’s constitution”, according to a statement released by group president Alfredo Monaco.

Earlier this month, reporters at national paper Perfil were told by associates of Argentine President Mauricio Macri that a new federal regulator should be established with the purpose of legalizing and controlling online betting.

In Argentina, each province is traditionally responsible for its own rules and laws, and the state has little input on how regional services and industries are operated.

The ALEA has stressed that the individual provinces of Argentina must retain control and authority of their own gaming services, as set out by the national constitution, and they believe each district should have the choice to opt in or out of any legalized online gambling provision on an independent basis.

Good news for gaming markets in Latin America

Despite reservations over the legal concerns, the ALEA is widely supportive of any plans to modernize and improve the laws surrounding gambling – both online and offline. Making room for e-gaming services, which are in high demand, will increase safety for consumers who currently bet illegally through unverified providers.

Argentina is known for its sports culture, and especially for its soccer team. Introducing a legal and regulated betting market online will allow Argentine bookmakers to offer a wide range of sports bet options.

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