Arcade action meets slots in new skill-based interactive casino app

  • Interactive Slots brings the best loved arcade classics to the online casino
  • Players to experience skill-based elements in Snake, Asteroids and Frogger

Player experience is a big deal at the moment, with recent trends showing developers continuing to blur the line between online casino games and arcade or video games with a view to integrating skill-based gameplay into slots and other games.

One game studio taking this trend to the next level is Lightbreak Games. Its new casino app, Interactive Slots provides players with an experience that they’ve likely not enjoyed before from an online casino provider.

Bringing the arcade experience to casino players

Interactive Slots combines casino slots and retro arcade games in a single app that features 15 unique titles. Each slot comes equipped with its own arcade game inspired by classics like Frogger, Snake and Asteroids.

As players successfully complete these mini-games, they will trigger free spins and other generous bonus features.

“We think that a regular slot machine game based on luck could be more fun if it’s skill-based. We loved the idea that your gaming skills will give you better rewards on the casino part.”
Raniel Ame Sales, founder of Lightbreak Games

This is one of the first times that players will see arcade games and slots combined in this way, allowing them to exercise some skill to earn rewards. There are plenty of online slots out there that feature themes based on retro games, like Konami’s Frogger and Playtech’s Space Invaders; however, they lack the skill-based features available in Lightbreak’s latest title.

For players it means a fresh new take on slots gaming at online casinos, that lets them enjoy the increasingly popular ‘gaming’ aspect of online casinos with a new style of entertainment. We can certainly see Lightbreak starting a new trend among online slots developers, and can’t wait to see how other studios aim to jump on board.

Cross-platform mobile gaming

Interactive Slots is available as a mobile app on the Google Play Store and the iTunes Store. Players will be able to access the game from their smartphones and tablet computers while on the go, as long as they are connected to the internet.

In terms of gameplay, Interactive Slots plays out like your typical free-play mobile casino game, as players are provided with a play money balance and can earn experience by earning coins from each slot.

As players level up they can unlock new features and games, which makes for an engaging experience outside of each actual slot machine. As such, players who are already fans of mobile apps like Big Fish Casino and Slotomania will want to give the new Lightbreak’s new Interactive Slots a spin.


There’s a been a lot of discussion, and plenty of new releases, around the theme of player experience – chiefly around adding immersive elements and more gamification to online casino games. And it’s a great thing for the industry to be focusing on. After all, when there is a myriad of choice out there for every day slot play, the more that developers and operators can weave new elements into games the more they offer in terms of what you, the player is getting. It’s also about attracting a new audience and a younger generation too. That’s where gamification is coming to the fore. By weaving in experiences more commonly found in video games and more traditional ‘gaming’ it’s almost certain that you’re going to open up such online casino games to those looking for a crossover (just look at things like skin gambling to realise that the potential for betting and vide games is well and truly there). Of course, it’s not all about ‘millenials’ though. Who doesn’t love a classic arcade game after all?

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