Apps will change online gambling forever and here are seven of the best for you to download now

  • More players reaching for mobiles and tablets than ever before
  • 2017 is set to be a big year for apps with exciting changes a foot

Apps are everywhere and research suggests we spend almost three hours a day on them, via smartphones and tablets, which works out at a staggering 45 days and 15 hours a year. Given the vast amount of time we spend on apps, they better be good and luckily enough the majority of them do all the hard work for you.


In reality, the true geeky wonder of apps goes far beyond trivial everyday chatting and being able to share a photo of your holiday with that Facebook friend you really can’t stand.

Success of an app is measured by how much they change our lives, without us noticing as Volvo would say “the beauty is in the details” and it is the littles things that apps do for us without us even noticing that makes the biggest difference. Data from Transparency Market Research (TMR) shows that online gamblers are now up to three times more likely to reach for their mobile than desktop when they fancy a flutter.

As humans, we have a tendency to get stuck in our ways, so for players to have made such a swift transition to gambling on their mobile and tablet devices shows the power of the technology behind apps. Online casinos have been quick to spot the opportunity within mobile and tablet betting and the majority will be staking a serious amount of money on entry into smartphone apps over 2017.

“The huge number of potential players that online casinos can reach through the use of smartphone apps alone is strong enough for them to consider creating standalone gambling and betting portals for mobile users,” TMR analyst states.

“This allows the global online gambling and betting market to generate a staggering amount of income from users that like to play or bet using their smartphone on the go, rather than having to access websites on PCs or kiosks.”
TMR analyst

The slight snag in the plan is your more conventional gamblers, often on the mature side of young, have a vendetta towards online portals. “The internet is bad,” they state.

The solution is simple make the app experience so good that these tech dinosaurs can’t help but eat a rather large slice of humble pie.

Bet365 revealed their improved mobile app at the start of 2017 offering players more flexibility and ways to play than ever before, the speed of the app also helps punters make the most of their time; handy if you’re at work and have five minutes before your boss casts a nosey eye over your shoulder.

The global online gambling and betting market is expected to be worth an eye watering $96.9 billion by 2024 and the development of faster, easier to use apps that offer gamblers more games and a more immersive casino experience will go a long way towards achieving that and it can only be a good thing for us players.

7 of the best casino apps

Name Casinopedia Rating Android Compatible Apple Compatible
bgo 4.7
Betway Casino 4.8
Bet365 Mobile 4.5
Grosvenor Casino 4.0
Hippodrome Mobile Casino 4.3
Sky Casino 4.2
William Hill Casino 4.1
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