Americans are the world’s biggest (casino) losers

  • America still the most lucrative casino market
  • Stats suggests US 2017 spend likely to be higher still

The results are in. With a collective figure standing at $116.9 billion, it perhaps does not surprise that American citizens racked up the biggest casino losses in 2016.

USA gaming loses 2016
America was the biggest market for gaming losses in 2016.

Big Money

Not only is $116.9 billion a big number, but the ‘World’s Biggest Gamblers’ List (compiled by The Economist) really puts the figure into perspective. China comes in second place, with a loss of $62.4 billion. That’s almost half the amount Americans spent, meaning that the U.S. managed to lose $54.5 billion more than their Chinese counterparts. In a distant third place, with a loss of $24.1 billion, are the Japanese. Needless to say, this is barely a patch on what Americans lost.

Value for money

Dividing those billions by the number of people in the States works out as a deficit of $420 per adult. But the Economist figures also revealed another startling figure. While losses per US citizen were high, they were nothing compared to the $990 lost by Australian punters in the same year – less than half in fact. Down Under it is the pokies that account for a huge amount of the gaming revenue, while in the USA, with a very different laws on gambling, it is the traditional casino which still reigns supreme. It is clear then, just why the online casino and sports betting market in the USA could be so lucrative, if legislation clears the way.

2017 set to be an even bigger year

Statistics from January show that the U.S. is already on target to beat last year’s record loss. In Nevada, casinos reported that the House won just over $1 billion. This is an increase of 12% from January of last year, when casinos raked in $925 million. Meanwhile, in Downtown Las Vegas, casinos increased their winnings by an astounding 32%.

It seems like 2016 was a good time to be a casino in America. And it seems like in 2017, the House is set to keep right on winning.

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