Alleged ‘mafia connections’ reportedly unearthed during Trump Sydney casino bid

  • Newly released police documents reveal casino rejection
  • Mafia connections cited, along with concerns over finances

New South Wales police officials warned state officials not to approve a 1986 casino bid by Donald Trump because of alleged ‘mafia connections’, reports the Australian.

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The Australian has dug out a report that suggested ‘mafia connections’ were what ki

New South Wales cabinet papers have been released to the public, as per the country’s 30-year information laws, and obtained by News Corp reporters.

The declassified documents reveal the police concerns relating to the current US President’s Sydney proposals, and also show that government ministers questioned the ‘financial viability’ of Trump’s plans. The casino bid was rejected, along with two others.

Casino bid details emerge after 30 years

Under Australian law, parliamentary and cabinet documents become open for public viewing after 30 years.

Reporters at News Corp obtained these documents, which revealed details of Trump’s Sydney casino bid for the first time, reports the Australian.

They show that Trump had aligned with construction company Kern, a Queensland based operation, in order to create a casino proposal which would compete with three other bids. The property would be the first casino in the Darling Harbour Authority region, and a highly lucrative site for the winning developer.

This Trump-Kern collaboration caused concerns for local police, who warned against approving the bid.

“The Police Board considers that HKMS, Federal/Resorts/Sabemo, Kern/Trump, are unacceptable,” states the police report.

“Atlantic City would be a dubious model for Sydney and in our judgment, the Trump mafia connections should exclude the Kern/Trump consortium.”

It is not clear what connections the police are referring to and what the basis for them are.

Financial concerns cause bid to be dropped

It is not clear how much weight the government panel gave to the police report when making their decision, though all three named companies were ultimately rejected from the project.

Instead, the panel found that the Trump proposal, along with another, was financially unstable and would not be a viable long term option. Overstated potential revenues may ultimately have caused the Trump bid to be dropped.

The White House has not responded to requests for comment since the story broke. However, the President is not known for his silence in the face of criticism, and it would be no surprise if he addressed the issue in the near future.

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