AI innovation to spot problem gamblers nets Women in Gaming award

  • Innovator of the Year award for tech that spots problem gambling
  • Kindred employee using both computer and human brains to keep players safe

Online casinos and betting companies are always looking at ways to address problem gambling.

Maris Bonello, pictured right, collects here Innovation award at the Women in Gaming awards.
Maris Bonello, pictured right, collects here Innovation award at the Women in Gaming awards.

One such pioneer in this field is Maris Bonelllo, who is the current integrity analytics manager at Kindred Group and has been voted the Innovator of the Year at the annual Women in Gaming Awards ceremony.

The event which was held in London brought together a cross section of stakeholders in casino industry with the aim of recognizing the contribution of women in the sector.

Her innovation

Maris received a nomination for her steadfast efforts in the development of the so-called Player Safety Early Detection System (PS-EDS).

This award-winning detection system uses AI to alert Kindred’s responsible gambling team when customers show signs of overindulgence in gambling activity.

Once a potential problem case is identified, it is processed by Kindred’s staff who take the relevant steps in accordance with the company’s responsible gaming and player safety regulations.

The proprietary technology that is used in the PS-EDS system is combined with human discretion which has been described as an effective method of protecting customers from unhealthy gambling practices.

Maris received plenty of congratulatory messages from friends and colleagues including Kindred head of player safety, Daniel Gamblin who lauded Maris for her exemplary dedication in her field of work.

According to Gamblin, Maris and her co-workers work hard to ensure that customers have fun when gambling in a healthy and sustainable manner. ‘The work Maris and her team conduct is critical in achieving this’ he pointed out.

A commitment to responsible gambling

Kindred Group is involved in monitoring customer activity in order to ensure responsible gambling which is a key pillar of the company’s customer relations policy. In addition to helping players maintain healthy gambling habits Kindred also provides a secure online ecosystem that prevents any potential fraudulent activity.

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