THE BOSS IS BACK! Actor Verne Troyer returns to front new bgo Casino ad campaign

  • Austin Powers star describes excitement of getting back into The Boss role
  • Actor speaks about new ad campaign exclusively to Casinopedia

Austin Powers star Verne Troyer has exclusively revealed to Casinopedia that he will be making his return as colorful character The Boss for the latest bgo Casino commercial.

See the exclusive interview below.

The actor, who became a household name for his Mini-Me character in the Mike Myers comedy film series, has portrayed The Boss since 2014, with the online casino scooping a prestigious EGR award that same year for its ad campaign.

In the short interview he told Casinopedia about how much he enjoys playing the larger-than-life casino owner, and hinted that this latest commercial is set to be better than ever.

Joining ‘The Boss’ in previous ad campaigns have been US playboy and ‘King of Instagram’ Dan Bilzerian as well as reality TV star Paris Hilton. The hiring of these stars, as well as Troyer, has helped make bgo one of the world’s most recognisable online casino brands.

Anticipation at latest turn from The Boss

Speaking from the set of the new commercial from Universal Studios in Hollywood, Troyer told Casinopedia that this latest commercial is the favorite of the five he has done so far.

He said: “It always seems to get bigger and better every single time.”

The commercial is set to hit screens on September 1.

Who is ‘The Boss’

Troyer’s character is the fictional owner of bgo Casino, sitting in his palatial mansion, and challenging his players to ‘Beat the Boss’.

The Boss has all the clichés of a greedy casino owner – the loud suits, Rolls Royce, beautiful girls, bodyguards and tonnes of bling.

A slightly hapless character, who often gets his comeuppance, he will fly into a rage if he sees any players winning big.

How The Boss became a household name

Troyer’s first turn as the money-loving businessman came in 2014 – setting out what the character was all about.

But the smile was wiped off his face later that year with the appearance of high roller Dan Bilzerian. It’s fair to say The Boss met his match.

And Paris Hilton provided another challenge to the Boss in 2015 – this time to his taste in interior design. This particular commercial also went viral on social media.

The Boss has also been called in to help bgo’s social media campaign during Wimbledon fortnight. He has been taking his loyal fans through some of the legends of the court each day.

More details on the commercial are expected to be released soon.

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