How one online casino is taking VIP live dealer play to the next level

High rollers are typically associated with land-based casinosjunkets of wealthy businessmen flown in and given the full VIP treatment with free rooms, food, tickets to shows and generally pampered and cosseted for their entire stay at a casino.

888 Live Casino's Elite Lounge Dealers
Can you have a true VIP experience at an online casino?

You’ll never get that luxury treatment at an online casino, right?

Well, actually an online casino can give players plenty of freebies including free tickets for various things like sporting events as part of the package.

These highly prized customers will always be key to any online casino’s success, so they are given exceptional treatment.

One casino which is pushing the VIP experience even further is 888Casino, with its newly launched Elite Lounge, giving those players who want to jump straight into the table game action a first class and slick experience.

Here’s how you could get in on the action.

What is the Elite Lounge?

This live dealer option is described by 888 as the crème de la crème of casino experiences, suggesting that once tried, players will never go back.

The live dealer studio, from which the hands are dealt, and roulette balls spun, has a classy nightclub theme with views of a cityscape in the background.

It has what it describes as Elite dealers, and some tables only open for 12 hours per day, starting in the evening and going on into the night.

When it launched last year, Michael Benjaminovich, of 888 said: “The Elite Lounge is not just another group of private live casino tables – it’s a custom concept designed by experts to be completely different from any other offering currently on the market.

“The revolutionary room design covers all aspects – tables, floor, lightning, space separation, acoustics, advanced video walls, dealer attire, table covers etc – meticulously designed and crafted to immerse our players in the best live casino experience currently available.”

The Elite Lounge at 888 casino - well worth a look.
The Elite Lounge at 888 casino – well worth a look.

What else is there on offer?

Clearly the Elite offering will feature more than your average online casino bonus and loyalty scheme.

Expect extra promotions and bonuses the more you wager.

Needless to say, those with deep pockets will also find the maximum bet limits at the tables go up considerably.

Casinopedia has seen one bonus offering worth £10,000 ($13,000).

It is available on both desktop and mobile to 888, 777, and players.

If it all sounds a bit exclusive, you may be surprised – 888 has claimed that the Elite Lounge should not be considered out of reach for many players.

To find out more about 888 Casino – check our review page.

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