8 of the best online roulette strategies

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Looking to improve your success when playing online casino roulette games?

Here at Casinopedia, we realise that there is no one model fits all when it comes to the perfect strategy for online casino games such as roulette, so that is why we have pulled together a brief overview of the main roulette strategies in order to help you play smarter and increase your chances of taking the jackpot away form the online casino operators.

online roulette strategies
The best online roulette strategies

8. Memory Game

The clue is in the name. This strategy requires very good memory in order to execute it well and involves the player not betting on the last three winning numbers, instead placing bets on the rest of the numbers at the table.

7. One Hit Miracle

This strategy requires a lot of patience and dedication, as it involves continuously betting on the same number throughout the game. The number will likely be one that hasn’t come up on the roulette wheel in a while due to the belief that it will have to come up eventually. Not proven as the most successful strategy, but it works for some.

6. D’alembert System

The D’alembert strategy is widely caonsidered to be relatively safe. It involves only betting on even chances, increasing your bets by one after a loss and decreasing them by one after a win, a relatively small rate making this a safer strategy.

5. Black Bet

This strategy involves only betting on just black numbers. The player will start with betting on black and if they lose, will double their bet on black and also place their original bet on red. The red bet stays constant whilst the black will double.

4. Column Strategy

Players will only bet in columns with this strategy. A small bet is made on the first column and doubles on the next. The bet then doubles with every spin and every column.

3. Labouchere

The player chooses their own sequence and bets on the sum of the two outermost numbers of that sequence. When a loss occurs, the amount lost is written at the end of the sequence and on the next bet the sum of the two outermost numbers is again betted on. When a win occurs, those two outermost numbers are crossed out. Slightly more complex than other systems and requires practise to get right.

2. Fibonacci

This first started as a simple mathematical theory. It is the sum of the player’s two previous bets. First the player bets on an even chance then when they lose, they add the previous bet which makes up for the new bet.

1. Martingale

Perhaps the most famous of all the roulette strategies. The player increases their bet when they lose by doubling it and then when the player wins, they go back to betting the original amount.

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