7 reasons why online casinos are growing faster than their land based rivals

According to the UK Gambling Commission, online gambling generates £4.5bn per year in the UK and is growing far quicker than all other forms of gambling at the present time.

It accounts for approximately a third of the total gross gambling yield for the country – that’s the total amount of wagers placed, minus the player wins.

Many experts think it won’t be long before that number is closer to 50 percent as the nation shifts more to online and mobile.

Why do Brits love to play online and what attracts them to the web at a faster rate than their local land-based casino or bookmakers?

Here are just some of the answers…

1. Convenience

There are many excellent casinos in the UK, but they are all in, or near, cities. If you are living in more remote areas, you won’t have easy to access to that level of options.

evolution gaming mobile casino
The likes of Evolution Gaming provide a real dealer experience in the comfort of your own home or on the go.

Even if you do live in one of the areas with large casinos, your selection of properties is going to be based on your ability to travel to competitors. Whereas online you have the convenience of being able to just open a new tab and get going.

Thus, with all the great casinos listed by us, you’ll hop on your phone and should expect a top quality experience wherever you are.

And even if you miss the interaction with the dealer, that can still be arranged with a live dealer experience.

Genting Casino even allows you to play roulette at its land-based casino via its online platform, in a new innovation.

It’s the same with sports betting – which has been revolutionized by the internet, seeing the rise of the likes of Bet365 which is now one of the biggest names in the industry.

See more about Genting Casino in our review.

2. General trends

Since InterCasino opened its online doors in 1996, online casino gaming has been growing virtually everywhere.

Of course, it’s not only the UK where gamblers are flocking to online gambling. As technology continues to grow, so the experience will improve.

More people have smartphones and tablets than ever before, and they are getting ever more powerful and advanced. With that ubiquity of technology, it is no surprise to see it helping to boost the online market.

3. Online only offers

Many of the online establishments have offers for online players which offline premises just can’t compete with. There are a few offline casinos that offer excellent welcome bonuses, but nothing compared to what can be gained online.

Sign up and spin you way to immediate bonus cash at 888 Casino. Picture: 888 Casino.
Casinos like 888 offer a decent welcome bonus. Picture: 888 Casino.

Not only that, but shopping around is much more easy to do online, improving your chances of a good deal.

4. Advertising is omnipresent

How many times have you seen an advert for land-based casino, versus and online one? Exactly.

Even more so in sports betting, TV and online advertising obviously lends itself more to online casinos and betting because players have the ability to sign up then and there.

It’s not just TV either, with most of the Premier League’s clubs sponsored or associated with online betting firms or casinos.

So if advertising truly works, then more exposure will see a quicker shift to online.

5. Regulations

The UK Gambling Commission is one of the most widely respected organisations of its kind in the world. While they are a ‘watchdog’ for all gambling in the UK – even fruit machines in pubs – they also have to strike a balance between protecting players and allowing an industry to thrive.

UK Gambling Commission chief executive Sarah Harrison
UK Gambling Commission’s Sarah Harrison has an important job of helping an industry thrive while keeping players safe.

For example, only this week they cracked down on sites whose graphics appealed to anyone under the legal gambling age.

Their authority gives potential players a feeling that they are playing on secure and safe sites, thus increasing the numbers further.

Unregulated or poorly regulated jurisdictions can tie themselves in knots over online casinos and betting – benefitting neither the player, nor the economy or public purse through taxation.

Come for the sport – stay for the casino

Many of the bigger organisations offer excellent slots and casino offerings to their existing sportsbook client base.

High street bookmakers offer a quality online casino experience.
High street bookmakers offer a quality online casino experience.

For instance, Betfair, William Hill and Paddy Power are all now offering excellent casino gaming on their websites.

More choice equals more reasons to stay online.

Tradition and stigma

The UK has always had a large tradition of bookmakers, horse racing tracks and card rooms. However, casinos have only become mainstream fixtures in society in relatively recent times.

Britain first casino opened in Brighton in 1962 and even then, it wasn’t seen as the sort of place where respectable members of society would socialise.

Of course, this viewpoint has changed for most – but walking into a betting shop or casino is still something that a huge number of people would rather not do, and online offers the perfect solution.

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