5 things you should definitely avoid doing while in a casino

When you enter a casino, there is a certain behaviour expected of you. It is just like any other establishment, where there are things you should and shouldn’t do.

When the adrenaline is pumping, some people forget these rules and let themselves down. To help you avoid becoming one of those people, we have decided to draw up a quick list of some of the things you shouldn’t do while at the casino.

Guy losing at Roulette
5 things you really should avoid doing at a casino

1. Avoid drinking waaaay too much

Sure, gambling establishments are places where you can unwind and let your hair down. That being said, common sense should prevail into play at some point. Nobody wants to see a drunken fool fall into a roulette wheel. It’s also a sure way to lose way more money than you had budgeted for. “Why?” you ask. Well, how many great decisions have you made while drunk? That’s why.

2. Don’t tell other players what to do

Backseat gamblers are one of the most common, yet frustrating, elements of every casino. Don’t become one of them – there are already far too many.

If you don’t believe us, just sit down at any blackjack table and count the seconds before some other punter is beside you insisting that you should, or shouldn’t, buy that insurance that’s on offer. They are a plague on casinos and you really don’t want to make it any worse.

3. Don’t blame others for your losses

Even if someone is back-seat gambling, your decisions are your own, so don’t blame others for your losses. You can multiply this rule by ten when it comes to casino staff – don’t become abrasive to those working in the establishment.

Whatever happened is between you and chance, so take it like an adult.

It shouldn’t need to be stated, but don’t berate people when you win either. A strong person is decent in both victory and defeat.

4. Avoid basic strategy

The rest of the rules are for the benefit of those around you, as well as yourself. However, this rule is just for you, as your fellow gamblers probably don’t care how much you lose.

There are many articles online outlining basic gambling strategies that will help you win millions. We hate to break it to you, but for the most part, these quick-win guides can be works of fiction.

When it comes to strategy, if it seems to good to be true, it probably is too good to be true.

5. The cardinal rule

You’ve seen the movies where the cheaters hit the casinos for millions and get away with it, but this is real life and that simply doesn’t happen. If you are even considering this, then leave… just go, it’s already too late! In real life casinos, cheaters always get caught. Literally always.

If you stick to these simple 5 rules, your enjoyment and the enjoyment of those around you will increase tenfold.

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