What happens in Vegas: 5 of the best TRUE stories

Las Vegas is a city where almost anything seems possible and that is why truck loads of dreamers come to the strip every day. The gambling capital of the world has turned many a pauper into a prince and made many money-strapped folk into millionaires.

Las Vegas sunset
Las Vegas has changed many lives, here’s 5 amazing stories from Sin City

If you need proof of its ability to change lives, then just read these five stories about individuals who had their entire experience of life changed while in Vegas.

5. One turn of the table

In 2004, a UK man named Ashley Revell risked everything he owned in Vegas. This might not sound like that dramatic of a story, until you realise that Mr Revell put it all on one turn of the roulette table.

In the lead up to this gamble, he quit his job and sold everything he owned. With the earnings, an estimated $135,000, he put everything on red. If he lost, Revell would have had nothing. Thankfully, the ball landed on the right colour and the rest is history.

4. The legend of Archie Karas

Vegas legend Archie Karas became a multi-millionaire while in Nevada, but he wasn’t always such a big shot. The man arrived in the city with just $50 in his back pocket.

He managed to accumulate an amazing $40m through clever gambling and amazing winning streaks while in Vegas. As far as rags to riches stories go, it doesn’t get much better than that.

3. We will FedEx that

You may know FedEx as a reliable and household name, but that wasn’t always the case. In the 1970s, it was leaking money by the bucket load. In fact, it was down to its last remaining reserves.

Company founder Frederick W.Smith knew that he had to do something to save the firm, so he took the last $5,000 the company had and went to Vegas.

While there, he managed to win $32,000 on the Blackjack table, which was enough money to keep the company afloat until investors were found.

2. Babysitter now minding money

Jessica Agbunag’s first trip to Vegas was one that changed her entire life. She managed to win $2.4 m after putting just $15 into a Mega-jackpot machine. This achievement was made even more phenomenal by the fact the professional babysitter only had a limited understanding of the game.

1. Psychic wins big

An Irish psychic called David Meade claims he used mind tricks to help him win $1 million in the city. This feat was filmed for a British Broadcasting Authority programme and it showed Meade earn the winnings over a year and a half period.

However, at the end of the programme Meade decided to give the money back. Would you have held onto it?

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