Five High Volatility Slots that Aren’t for the Faint-Hearted

  • If you’ve got cash to splash, these slots are for you
  • It may be a risky business, but high volatility can bring high rewards

High volatility, also known as high variance, refers to the level of risk you’re taking in play. Online slots with high volatility don’t pay out so often, but when they do…oh boy.

In life it’s often true that you have to take a chance to earn real rewards and the same can be said for online gambling. If risk-taking is your bag though, strap in for the white knuckle ride that is high volatility slots. For those who are brave and up for the challenge, or for high rollers with cash aplenty to spend on these high octane thrills, the following slots will have your pulse racing.

Break Da Bank Again

This one might just break your actual bank if you’re persistently unlucky, as it can swallow up your cash as fast a hungry bank robber. There’s no hiding that this game is all about the money (to contradict Jessie J’s moral stance), as the theme thoroughly qualifies this.

high volatility slots break da bank again

It’s straightforward to play though – anyone can get on board without investing a great deal of time in practice. 32Red Casino offers a great promo on Break Da Bank Again, so if you feel up to the challenge of unpredictable prizes, head over to the site and give it a whirl. Who knows, you might walk away with more dosh than those fellas from the Oceans 11 films.

WHERE TO PLAY: Try it now at 32Red Casino

Break Da Bank Again Megaspin

Break Da Bank was so popular they named it twice, but with a spin on the original. Literally. This version features 4×9 paylines as opposed to the original’s 9 and is a revved up version that provides plenty of additional excitement.

high volatility slots break da bank again megaspin

You can win up to 100 free spins and while it’s as slick as the first, it has an extra element of gusto that’ll have you holding onto your hat, but maybe not your cash. With some great payouts hanging potentially and tantalisingly in the air, this is one slot that provides plenty of thrills.

WHERE TO PLAY: Try it now at Unibet Casino

Dead or Alive

From bank robbers to cowboys, this is an easy to play slot that transports you to the wild west – a place well-known for the high stake lifestyles of its inhabitants which included constant duels, bar-based crossfire and general territorial discord to do with any given town being just too small for more than one ego (or so the movies would have us believe).

high volatility slot dead or alive

The straightforward, simple design of Dead or Alive is a bit of a recurring theme in this category of slots and that’s no coincidence. Often these types of games rely on high volatility to make money, as they typically attract a lot of low paying players – particularly newbies who don’t want anything too complex.

Cue the high rollers and their risky antics bringing massive pay-ins in the hope of hitting an elusively massive payout. So it would be fair this can be a game of extremes, although not quite as extreme an outcome as a western saloon shootout would be. Either way you’ll certainly come out of this experience alive, high volatility or not.

WHERE TO PLAY: Try it now at Mr Green Casino

Game of Thrones 15 Lines

If you’ve seen the epic TV programme Game of Thrones, you’ll know that as series go, it’s pretty volatile. It’s also not for the faint-hearted due to the copious amount of stomach-churning violence, mutilation and regular slaughter of favourite characters.

high volatility slots game of thrones

It’s entirely suitable then that the slot version of the mainstream hit should be as volatile as its namesake’s plotlines. For fans of the book or television version (and let’s face it, there’s a lot), this is a must-play slot. There’s no telling what might happen next on the screen – in both cases – so march forth and enjoy some spine-tingling adventure in the world of Westeros.

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Another money-centric theme here, with a bonus feature and a gamble feature that’ll have you on the edge of your seat. The bonus game is a picking round, always a nail-biting prospect with the choices you make having such a direct link to your winnings.

high volatility slots cashville

Various imposing-sounding characters like Sir Sterling and Dame Von Deeds guide you through the delicate process where a wrong guess could have you seriously kicking yourself. Not only is this hurdle present in Cashville, but every time you land a win you must decide whether to try and double your money with a gamble.

WHERE TO PLAY: Try it now at 32Red Casino

If you run on adrenaline, don’t like to play it safe and are entirely serious about gambling for big prizes then these are top slots to explore. However, they also sport some great aspects, themes and features as well as perilously exciting stakes. Anything can happen in these volatile game, so strap in and enjoy the ride.

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