5 fun facts about casinos

Casino games have been around since forever and are said to be the oldest past time known to man. Considering that, it sure has to have some interesting facts attached to it and it is always fun reading trivia.

Here are a few of those. Saving the best for the last!

Swallow dice!

Swallow dice
Swallow dice

Although a lot of the countries have legalized gambling, there still are some places where it is a crime to indulge in such activities. Such was also the case back in England, in the 18th century. Can you imagine what their idea was to overcome the situation in the event of a raid? Hiring people who would swallow the dice when the police come over. Genius! Or not.

Beware: The devil is involved.

Beware: The devil is involved...
Beware: The devil is involved…

Ever heard roulette being called the Devil’s Game or the Devil’s Wheel? That’s the nametag the game acquired when a smart aleck realized that all the numbers of the roulette wheel add up to 666, the Devil’s number. Creepy, yeah?

Blue chips: Poker or corporations?



If you know even a tad bit about gambling you’d know that there are something called casino chips. There are blue, white and red chips, each of them having a different value. Now it so happens that the blue colored chips are of the highest value and the term blue chips started being associated with well-established and credit worthy companies. The practice continues to date.

The four Kings.

Playing Cards 4 Kings
Playing Cards 4 Kings

For the longest time even I thought that the cartoonish kings in a pack of cards are just that: cartoons. Actually, there is a story behind this as well. Each of the illustrated kings represents a real one from times immemorial. King David of Israel represents spades, the French King Charlemagne is for the hearts, Alexander the Great, the Macedonian King represents clubs, while diamonds is for the Emperor of Rome, Augustus Caesar.

Changing the world map one game at a time.

Changing the world map one game at a time...
Casinos changing the world map one game at a time…

Did you know that the order of the world would have been different if not for gambling? In 100 AD the Norwegian King played against the King of Sweden, keeping his district of Hisingen as collateral. Guess who won? Yes, the Swedish King must have counted his lucky stars post win. Hisingen still comes under Swedish territory today.

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