5 Fruit Machine Features That Online Slots Can Never Replicate

  • The stalwarts of the casino still hold their own against their online rivals
  • Land-based machines bring a convenient simplicity to your finances

Ah the days of old, when wifi was still sci-fi and we were innocent to the perils of not having internet access for a few hours.

Fruit machines - there's something quite nostalgic about them.
Fruit machines – there’s something quite nostalgic about them.

When phones literally required dialling and games had buttons that could jam with a simple spill of a fizzy drink. We’re all crazy for retro at the moment and while in actuality progress is a good thing, there is something fun about returning to the time of yore and living the more manual life for a while. Online slots offer a spectacular array of choice and effects, not to mention convenience, but old school fruit machines still have their charms and here’s why…

Super Sounds

Drop effect slots have gone a long way towards providing the nostalgic sounds of moving coinage, but there’s nothing quite like the actual sound of dropping in those dimes and even better, hearing (and seeing) them come crashing out if you’re lucky enough to land a big win.

It also attracts attention, so is a great way of feeling smug in the pub or casino. Although watch out, the next round will be expected to be on you.

Giant jackpots

The biggest win on an offline slot was a staggering $39,710,826 as compared to the online record breaker of £13.2 million, which especially given the current weakness of the pound looks puny in comparison.

Jon Heywood win £13.2 million in 2015 - still the biggest progressive jackpot win for an online casino game. But it doesn't come close to the biggest land-based slot prize.
Jon Heywood win £13.2 million in 2015 – still the biggest progressive jackpot win for an online casino game. But it doesn’t come close to the biggest land-based slot prize.

With over 260,000 machines in UK casinos alone, these are linked to provide juicy jackpots and winnings that grow the more they are played.

If you want a life changing win online however, then check out our progressive slots feature.


This is man versus machine and there’s a poetry to that. A sensory, tactile experience, the bright cash ladder lights sparkle on your face, the raised buttons move at your touch.

Of course if you’re good with machines you can also physically cheat these in a way you’ll never do with online slots (think: peering over the reels to try and glean which one to nudge next) although nowadays many of these have been adapted to ensure that doesn’t happen.

Tech and effects

While you may have a fancy expensive iPad or tablet, it’s highly unlikely to have the kind of pricey integrated kit that you’ll find on a land-based machine.

The reels on the slot go round and round.
The reels on the slot go round and round.

There are some great online slots that replicate fruit machines with all the features like nudge and hold, but a 3D game is never going to be as life-like as the real thing in all its technicolour glory.

Still, if you want to replicate that fruit machine feel at an online casino, then head to Powerspins which has a range of options.

The coin tray

Not only does the moment of payout give us the glorious sounds of victory (a “kerchunk kerchunk” that can’t be convincingly copied electronically or in word), but it gives us cold hard cash.

No bank account transfers and no e-wallets, so neither your spouse, your bank manager nor the tax man will ever know what you’ve won – or lost for that matter.

Trail-free, undetectable winning and losing – which some no doubt consider a pretty big bonus.

Fruit machines date all the way back to 1891, you may be surprised to know. If history and sentimentality is your thing, then there’s something delightfully quaint about taking the old fashioned road more travelled.

And casino games should always be about fun – so why not?

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