The 5 biggest casinos in the world

When creating a list of the five biggest land-based casinos in the world, we expected to mostly be writing about establishments in Las Vegas. After all, it is the most famous gambling destination on the planet.

However, that was not the case. In fact, the Vegas strip doesn’t have a single establishment on the list and the only American casino in the top five is in an incredibly unexpected location.

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Ever wondered which casinos are the biggest on the planet? Find out below.

They say that variety is the spice of life and these gambling houses have no shortage of that.

5. Tusk Rio Casino Resort in South Africa – 263,330 sqft

This amazing establishment is located in the town of Klerksdorp in South Africa and is the largest casino on the whole continent. On first look, it doesn’t seem overly huge, with only 12 poker tables and 257 gaming machines.

However, what makes this casino special is its floor space – an incredible 263,330 square feet. There is no fear of gamers feeling cramped in this mega-casino. It also has a huge hotel and several eateries attached to it for your convenience.

4. Casino Ponte 16, Macau, China – 270,000 sqft

Macau makes its first, but certainly not its last, appearance on our list. This Chinese super-city really has cornered the market for gambling in the east.

Just like the South African casino above, it doesn’t have a huge amount of gaming equipment – just 320 machines and 150 tables. However, this Portuguese inspired casino’s 270,000 square foot of gaming space make it a haven for gamblers who enjoy having a bit of space.

3. Foxwoods Resort Casino, USA – 340,000 sqft

Everything is bigger in… Connecticut. That’s right, the USA’s only appearance on this list comes from an establishment in Connecticut.

The brilliant Foxwoods Resort has an amazing 340,000 square feet of gaming space and 7,000 machines. It also has 400 tables, so you are guaranteed to find something you love there.

2. City of Dreams, Macau, China – 420,000 sqft

Another one of Macau’s truly brilliant venues; this casino’s 420,00 square feet of gaming space is second on our list. It really is a monster of a casino! There are 1,350 machines for your enjoyment, while the casino also employs a huge number of staff to control their 520 gaming tables.

The establishment is attached to several top-notch eateries and bars, so if you get tired of all the choice, you can have a drink and start over. Ideal!

1. Venetian Macau, China – 546,000 sqft

This casino is so large, it dwarves anything the real Venice has on offer. Gondola rides are on offer throughout that 546,000 square foot of gaming space which is on display here.

If you are a picky gambler, the 3,000 machines and 870 tables should have plenty to satisfy your need for variety. This casino really is the jewel in Macau’s gambling crown.

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