10 things you should never say to someone who has just lost at the casino

  • Make sure you do not rub your mates up the wrong way after a bad night on the tables
  • The phrases no one ever wants to hear when on a cold streak

A trip to the casino is always more enjoyable on a winning night. Unfortunately, players won’t always be able to reap the rewards that gambling can offer and money will sometimes be lost.

Often it might be tempting to say something to a friend who has lost money, either to attempt to console them or to rub it in even more, but it’s fair to say that there are certain things that you just shouldn’t say to someone who is experiencing a losing night in the casino or at an online casino.

What you should never say to someone who has just lost
What you should never say to someone who has just lost

10. “Maybe put some practise in before you come next time…”

Telling someone to practise the games and research strategy more in order to get better is probably the most obvious suggestion you can make to someone who is going through a losing streak.

9. “Where have all your chips gone…?”

Isn’t it fairly clear where their chips have gone? They’ve almost definitely been lost at the table and asking them where they have gone will just serve as a reminder of how badly they’ve done at the table tonight.

8. “You’ve not been lucky tonight have you…?”

No, no they haven’t. Telling them won’t improve their luck either. You might be correct, but comments like this won’t cheer up your losing friend.

7. “Have you had a streak like this before…?”

What don’t you want to be reminded of when you’re on a losing streak? Your other losing streaks. Asking someone about that is just going to bring up more bad memories of lost casino nights.

6. “I’m sure you’ll win the next one…”

Are you sure? Probably not, then you’ll have to deal with the response when the losing player doesn’t win the next hand.

5. “How much have you lost…?”

The probable truth is that they don’t know how much they’ve lost. Using chips instead of real money makes it easy to lose track of how much has been bet and it’s best to stay clear of that question.

4. “Maybe bet bigger…?”

Everyone goes through a losing streak and chasing a big win to recover some losses may make things far worse. Of course they might win, but it’s a huge risk likely not worth taking.

3. “I don’t think this is your game…”

Would you want to be told you shouldn’t play a game you enjoy and may usually good at?

2. “Have you got enough left for food later?”

They’ve probably lost a lot so don’t remind them that they may not be able to afford an expensive meal out as planned.

1. “You may have had a bad night but look how well I’ve done.”

Making your friend feel jealous of how well you’ve done will make them feel even worse and may come back to bite you in the future when you go through a cold streak.

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