What makes a good online casino for VIP players and high rollers?

Online Casinos are aware that players who bet big want to be recognized and treated properly for the significant amount of money and time that they spend at the site. Because of this, the large majority of online casinos have come special programs tailored specifically for high rollers and VIPs

Free drinks, special accommodations, exclusive competitions and bonuses, and VIP escorts are normally the perks given by land-based casinos to their special members. With online casinos, however, high roller players may not necessarily be spoiled with the same treatments but instead will receive rewards and other benefits exclusively created for them. So what makes a good high rollers/VIP Casino?

High roller bonus offers

A good high rollers/VIP player casino should offer bonuses on the money they deposit. For instance, there could be a 50% deposit bonus up to $200 which means if you deposit $200, you’ll get $300 worth of money to play with. This bonuses are given more often and at most, in higher amounts, like 100% bonuses for high stake bets starting from $1,000. The higher the limit on the starting bonus, the better the casino for high rollers.

Provide exclusive VIP games

To show acknowledgment for their VIP players, online casinos should give high rollers and VIPs special access to games regular players can’t play. These games could be high stakes versions of classics like roulette or craps, or they might be newly launched games that VIP’s get to try first.

Offer invitations to big events

The online casinos will often purchase bulk corporate tickets for top live concerts, sports games, and theatre shows and give them to their high rollers and VIP members as a treat. They could be any event as long as they are given free of charge.

Provide a personal host

A good high rollers/VIP player casino provides its best players with a personal contact within the company. This personal host will be available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to cater to any and all inquiries that come to mind and assist you in any manner they can, from setting up VIP games to bookings in events.

Allow unlimited cash deposits and withdrawals

Normally, online casinos are not allowed to deposit and withdraw big amounts in a single transaction, but high rollers and VIP’s are the exception to this rule. Your personal host will even help you sort out the ideal way to withdraw cash for you. 

Choosing a VIP or high roller casino can be confusing, particularly as you want to get the very best service. Check out our complete guide to VIP casinos here to find out everything you need.

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