What are some of the key signs that a casino is a scam?

If you experience problems with an online casino, you should immediately contact their customer support and, if your problem is not resolved, you can contact the relevant gaming commission or gaming control board that regulates the area in which the casino is located, or the body appointed by the control board or commission to handle customer complaints and disputes.

If the casino is not licensed by the correct gaming control board or commission for the geographical area in which it is located, that can be a worrying sign that you’ve fallen for a scam or a disreputable operator.

One sign that a casino is potentially scamming you could include slow payouts or failure to pay out. Some payout methods, such as check or bank transfer, can take several days to clear, but payouts should never take weeks or months, even if you are relying on a check from an online casino.

If a casino’s customer services department gives you incorrect information, such as telling you that you were paid your net winnings when you know you weren’t, that is definitely cause for alarm.

Whether a casino is land-based or online, you should always take care to familiarize yourself with the operator’s terms and conditions. Gambling operators that do not publish details of their house edge or RTP percentage should be avoided, as should any casino that is not licensed or regulated, and players should be suspicious of operators who have an extremely high house edge relative to their competitors.

Reputable casinos will have endorsements from their local gaming commission or control board, and will be committed to offering an honest and transparent service. Good online casinos will display the logo of the gaming commission or control board, and will offer a safe and secure experience for players. This should include offering, where possible, a number of deposit and withdrawal options, and not placing high limits or other restrictions on withdrawals.

Players should also take care to carefully examine any bonuses offered by casinos, to ensure they are not subject to very high wagering or playthrough requirements, or other limits that may prevent players from claiming or cashing out their money.

Your safety when playing online is paramout. That’s why we’ve created a foolproof guide to the safest online casinos to protect you and your money when playing.

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