Do VR casinos exist?

Modern technology has long played a part in casinos. Since video slots and video poker machines swept casino floors in the 1970s and 1980s — revolutionizing gaming by allowing machines to be linked together for the first time, providing the lure of massive progressive jackpots as well as exciting new graphics and visuals — there has been an appetite for new and innovative technology in the casino industry.

Online casino gambling is available for mobile devices, allowing us to take the excitement of playing with us wherever we go, and some land-based slot machines already offer games with special seating, sound effects, and optics that provide a more exciting and immersive experience for the player than ever before.

Virtual reality, or VR, technology has been around for a while, since the first VR helmets made an appearance some two decades ago. These helmets combined heavy visors to block out light and sound with interior surround screens, giving the player the feeling of truly being inside the game, as if it was a real 3D environment.

Today’s VR technology, developed by brands including Sony, Oculus Rift, and HTC, has expanded and refined the technology to a much greater degree, and VR games are becoming much more visible in the industry, combining immersive virtual reality environments with VR glove controllers and ever more realistic graphics, sounds, and haptics.

Several companies have been exploring the concept of applying VR technology to a casino environment, allowing players to currently experience all the excitement and immersion of a casino visit without ever having to leave their homes. SlotsMillion’s virtual casino prototype is thought to be the world’s first VR/3D online casino, and can be used either with Oculus Rift goggles for a full virtual reality experience, or in 3D on a conventional computer. There are also a number of online poker sites offering VR versions of the game, including Casino VR Poker.

With competitors including NetEnt and Microgaming already working on introducing VR features into their own brands, it’s unlikely to be long until virtual reality casinos become more prevalent and accessible.

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