Are there restrictions related to opening an account?

When opening an online casino account you are confirming that you are at least 18 years of age and above the legal age for gambling in the country in which you live. You are only authorised to open a personal account and cannot open an account on behalf of anyone else, therefore the account must be in your name and you must keep all details such as login information and passwords strictly confidential.

The casino will need to confirm your identity so it is important that you provide accurate and up to date information including your address, contact email and personal telephone number details in order for them to do this. If a casino has any doubts concerning your identity they reserve the right to request documentation such as a passport or driving licence in order to validate this. It is as much in your interest to provide the correct information as it is to the casino since they use player information to ensure accurate verification and facilitation of deposits, withdrawals, and bets in your name.

As an online casino user, you will only be permitted to activate one online account with a single provider at one time. Should the casino have reason to believe you are the owner and operator of more than one account with the same provider your account/s may be terminated and any winnings and/or deposits you have made will be void.

You must review the terms and conditions before opening an online casino account. We all have a tendency of skipping over the T&C’S, but it is important to be aware of the casinos rules and regulations before handing over your personal information. The terms and conditions will offer information about the website itself such as the language used as well as their rights to change the content.

They should also provide information about the casinos licencing and regulatory bodies as well as legal information. By accepting the terms and conditions and/or registering to use the online casino you give permission to the operators to conduct identification, credit and other verification checks on you should they require.

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