How do online slots differ from land based?

Land-based slots are the game machines you will find at casinos, clubs, or other physical locations, while online slots games can be played at home on your computer or mobile device, or even on the go.

Making a trip to a casino can be time-consuming and expensive, especially when you consider travel, accommodation, food and drink, and other costs of your stay, although some players will find it all worth it for the unique atmosphere and experience that a casino or casino resort can provide. Larger establishments will often have newer and more exciting, innovative titles that feature touchscreen, 3D imaging technology, or even immersive gaming experiences with sound, optics, and special effects, and games that use licensed properties (such as titles or characters from movies and TV shows) will be more likely to appear as land-based games first, as they are produced by larger companies with better funding.

However, while land-based slots can provide a unique experience and often do give players access to the big progressive jackpots offered by popular progressive multiple payline games, they do not offer the flexibility and convenience that online slots do.

Online slots are always available for players, no matter how many people are using the game, and with increasingly more online casinos ensuring mobile compatibility for their titles, there is a lot of variety available.

The RTP or “return to player” percentage – the net amount a player wins – is also usually greater in online casinos than land-based, offering on average upwards of 90% rather than above 80%, as online games must compete globally rather than just with local competitors.

This statistic could also be representative of the fact that online casino game providers do not have to consider the cost of maintain a physical establishment.

Providing the slots games online as opposed on a premises requires lower initial costs, so the gaming experience can therefore be offered with higher player returns. This makes online slots more attractive to many casino-goers.

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