How do I withdraw winnings at an online casino?

Withdrawing your winnings is easy, and is often simply a matter of going to my account and clicking withdraw, which will fund your money back to the same account or card you used as a deposit method.

When initially signing up to an online casino, you will likely have been required to provide a bank account or card number to either pay for subscription fees or simply for the provider to hold on record for account identification.

It is from this payment method that you will pay out any deposits, losses or fees. And, if this is the only payment method you have given to your service provider, this is the card through which you will happily receive your winnings.

Withdrawing your winnings to an alternative payment method, as in the case of using a credit card to deposit or using a payment service like Paypal (which may have fees attached to services), but requesting a withdrawal to a bank account is also possible. However, it may mean you need to withdraw an amount under a specific limit (often around £50) or provide additional identity verification.

These steps may seem trivial but are usually in place to protect your identity and account. Specifications and restrictions such as these will differ between banks and card providers, so reading up on the terms relevant to you can be helpful in preventing any unnecessary stress with future payments.

Always check the specific policies of your chosen casino too, as some casinos may request you use the same method to deposit and withdraw regardless of the amount you want to withdraw, or they may require ID validation, or for you to complete a wagering requirement before you are able to fully withdraw your funds.

If in doubt, contact the casino and request an explanation.

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