How do I complain about an online casino?

Many online casinos provide excellent customer support, and this should be your first point of contact if you have an issue with your game, your provider or perhaps even your fellow players.

Most online casino games websites will provide an easy to find contact button or page.

This can often be found at the very bottom of the webpage, in a navigation bar or through a simple internet search.

Especially when dealing with larger and more popular companies, your customer support representative will usually respond to your complaint promptly and professionally, as these customer services will likely be regulated by the company internally and have specific standards of service.

But, if something goes wrong or you have a complaint about a casino that their customer support has failed to handle satisfactorily or cannot resolve internally, you will need to reach out to an Approved Dispute Resolution body (ADR).

The UK Gambling Commission does not handle player complaints directly, but does approve qualified ADRs to advocate on behalf of consumers and help resolve problems. Use the link below to see approved ADRs: (external link)

Suitable ADRs to contact for online casinos and remote gaming include eCOGRA (, IBAS ( and Ltd ( Regulatory bodies like these are crucial in the gambling industry, even with online gaming, as they help to ensure a safe and secure gaming environment.

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