Can I play casino games against real live dealers and other real players online?

Many companies offer live casino games where you can play against real dealers who shuffle and deal the cards themselves, instead of the online games being managed by random number generators. These live games are broadcast online, and they work very much the same way as being at a land-based casino: you can enter the website’s lobby and observe, and even take a seat at a table for free, while you learn the basics.

You can chat with the dealer and sometimes the other players, but you cannot be seen by anyone else, so live casino games online can be a great way of getting the experience of a casino table game without leaving home.

It’s important to feel secure in knowing the rules of the game you wish to play, and knowing how the live casino game you’ve chosen works. The dealer may be able to answer questions you have and guide you through, but just like at a land-based casino there are strict codes of conducts, and the anonymity of the internet doesn’t mean players can get away with harassing dealers – or each other.

There are many advantages to playing live casino games: games like roulette are thrilling and fast-paced but with low starting stakes, while more complex table games such as baccarat and blackjack offer players the challenge of sharpening their skills against a real person instead of a computer program.

You can play at any time and have control over how much you want to bet, keeping limits low if you want to play more for fun or practice than to “beat the system,” but there’s still the promise of great returns if you’re skilful and lucky… all without leaving home, paying for travel or food, or even changing out of your pajamas! However, at busy times, you may need to wait longer for a seat at a live casino table, and it’s possible that the number of dealers on your chosen website may be small, or may not offer the game you want to play.

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