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Kai Sedgwick Contributor

Edinburgh, UK. Kai Sedgwick is a professional word slinger and digital marketer whose work has surfaced in The Sun, Daily Mail and BuzzFeed as well as in more salubrious places. He spent two years writing for YPlan’s 1.5 million app users and has crafted content for the world’s most popular 6-pack abs workout app. In 2014 his own fitness campaign, The McWorkout, earned international press coverage after he attempted to get as fit as possible while in 30 days living off nothing but McDonald’s. These days, Kai divides his time between writing about online casinos and digital marketing, trading acronyms such as RTP for CRM and RNG for CTA. He first bought Bitcoin when it was trading at $19 but wasn’t astute enough to hold onto it. He now atones for his short-sightedness by crafting copy about Bitcoin casinos and Ethereum-based blockchain technology. When the rigours of the freelance game permit, Kai also likes to write for fun, crafting content for his own site, which has over 5 million readers to date, and publishing the occasional longread. In his free time, he likes to unwind by lifting weights and sleeping, but never at the same time.

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