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Ivan Potocki Contributor

Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzogovina. Ivan was born in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina in 1985. He spent the early years of his life and education in a war-torn area of the Bosnian capital, which was under siege for nearly four years. After the war, he finished elementary school in Sarajevo and then temporarily moved to Travnik, where he completed his high school education. Having graduated, he returned to Sarajevo, where he enrolled at the University of Sarajevo, with the English Language and Literature department. Three years later, he proceeded to acquire his BA degree. It was during his university years that Ivan discovered online poker, which was one of the first steps to lead him on the path of online journalism. After playing poker semi-professionally for a few years, he decided to merge his two passions, writing and poker, and started looking for freelance writing opportunities. During his freelance engagements, he expanded his field of interest to other online gambling and related activities, writing on different topics from the casino and poker industry. A few months into his newly found career, he landed an opportunity to work on a project for PokerTube. Having liked his work, the site's owners offered him a more permanent writing position, which eventually led to the chief news editor position. He stayed with PokerTube for two years before moving on. After leaving PokerTube, he went back to his freelance career, which led to a number of assignments with various sites like Beat The Fish (a long-standing poker blog), Online Casino Reports, and, more recently, Casinopedia.

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