Betting Right

What is ‘Betting Right’?

In craps games, the expression betting right refers to the act of betting on the shooter’s win. This is called making a pass line bet. The players who make these bets are called right bettors.

Conversely, the players who bet that the shooter will lose are called wrong bettors, and they bet wrong. People who make this kind of bet are not actually doing anything “wrong” at all and are well within their right to stake this wager. It is simply a phrase that differentiates two opposite types of bet.

‘Betting Right’ Explained

People who bet right in craps predict and bet on the fact that shooter will win, rolling a sum that is in their favour for that round. This is usually rolling the seven after having rolling the point, a favourable outcome for the shooter. Betting on this called a pass line bet, and it is said that this is where the association with the term right came from; it is a much more favourable bet than others – including the don’t pass bet – among gamblers.

On the other hand, those who bet wrong, called wrong bettors, bet that the shooter will not be victorious in their roll of the dice. Not being successful here means that the shooter has rolled a seven before having rolled the point.

The role of the wrong bettor and right bettor seem to have been lost from some online versions of the game, due to the fact that there is no requirement for a shooter. The concept, however, remains; betting wrong and betting right rely on the bets themselves, and how the outcomes will play out – that is, whether they will win or lose.

The player will either bet right or bet wrong following the call from the stickman – that is, the casino employee regulating the game – to bet on the point.