Casumo Casino

Type Online Casino
Founded 2012
Founder(s) Oscar Simonsson
Headquarters Malta

“We exist to erase boredom,” says Casumo, and who would contradict that after looking at its quirky and innovative website, which sets out to make gambling a fun way to pass the time. Casumo’s unique personality can be seen across the company’s two websites. In fact, even the reason for founding the company and site in 2012 is unusual. According to Casumo “a parallel universe contacted us telling us they were in desperate need of help”.

Who is it for?

Casumo is firmly geared to the fun side of online casino and betting, so if you’re serious about your online gambling other sites may suit you better. Casumo has two sites, its casino portal and sibling site, which explains the world of Casumo and takes you on your own personal adventure. Log in here and you can create an avatar, improve your skill level, claim trophies, valuables and gain belts.


Both sites are easy to navigate, with an easy on the eye minimalist and simple design and soft colours – consider it a ‘less is more approach’ perhaps that is less busy that some other sites on the market. To the left-hand side of the main site is a real-time list of who has just won and how much, a clever way of illustrating how often players win and what they have won that serves to draw in new customers. Casumo says that its website was designed from the ground up to make people smile, a vision that the company certainly seems to have accomplished.

What does it offer?

Make no mistake, Casumo may be big on light-hearted, quirky fun, but there are indeed plenty of ways to win serious money, prizes and other rewards. New customers can enjoy a welcome bonus of $1,500 (£1,200) and 200 free spins, and once signed up hundreds of prizes are available to win. Its Reel Races games offer $1,250 (£1,000) cash, in addition to this it offers tournaments every half an hour all day every day, where players can compete to collect as many wins as possible before the clock runs out.

Casumo offers a huge selection of games, slot machines, table games, jackpots and card games, whilst its freespins (free rounds) allow players to play at the casino for free over a certain number of rounds. It’s said to be one of the most frequent free spin casinos around.

Play Ok

Of course, there is a more serious side to online gaming and betting. Casumo advises its customers to always play responsibly and remain in control, with a set of questions and pieces of advice for players to click on if they feel they require help.